Paula Richards Presents at Opera House Art Gallery

Paula Richards of Minden, was on the internet when she stumbled upon an artist who sculpted his art from paper mache. She was immediately interested in the look, so she proceeded to adopt the idea and create her own style of unique art, with immaculate details and repurposed materials.
“I was always artistic,” Richards said, “I never took art classes except one semester in high school.”
She crafts many of her creations from Easter eggs, cereal boxes, fencing wire, clay, newspapers and pizza boxes, along with the paste that she uses for her paper mache.
Richards has her art displayed permanently in several other buildings in town, including the basement of Bethany Lutheran Church and the walls of East Elementary School, both adorned with murals she painted.
She explained, “It’s hard for people who aren’t artistic to talk to people who are, because they can’t see what I see.” Richards said she often gets the idea from a face or a structure and begins building, but she sometimes gets the ideas for the details as she goes.

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