Penalties And Interest To Be Applied To Unreported Property Improvement Taxes

The Kearney County Board of Equalization returned to the topic of 2017 omitted properties during the December 18 meeting. The board was asked to determine how to move forward with penalties and interest on unreported property improvements found during the last flyover.
Tammie Runions, from the County Treasurer’s Office, informed the board two property owners had permits for their improvements. Those properties won’t be charged interest or a penalty because the default in reporting was the result of a clerical error. For the remaining properties, a penalty of 20 percent of the tax due on improvements will be applied as well as a 14 percent per diem rate as per state statute 77-1318.
After some discussion and questions about the statute answered by County Attorney Melodie Bellamy, the board approved following state statute for penalties and interest on 2017 omitted properties.

see December 26 Courier for full story

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