Pioneer Village Celebrates 60th, Contemplates Future

Harold Warp’s Pioneer Village will mark 60 years of existence this weekend, June 8 and 9.  The anniversary coincides with the annual Pioneer Village Days when residents of Kearney County are admitted to the museum at no charge. The snack bar will be open where visitors can purchase hamburgers, hot dogs and ice cream. Pioneer Restaurant will be open with limited hours.
The Pioneer Village’s Manager Marshall Nelson hopes that many local residents will take advantage of the free weekend. “People just need to bring something to show that they are a resident of Kearney County,” Nelson added.
Harold Warp opened Pioneer Village in 1953 and since then the Village, as it is commonly called, has become part of Minden and Kearney County’s identity.
Minden Mayor Roger Jones says that people know Minden for Pioneer Village and as The Christmas City. “I don’t go anywhere in the U.S. where people don’t say – Oh, that’s where Pioneer Village is – when I tell them I’m from Minden.”
Jones’ sentiments about Minden’s image being intertwined with the Village is shared by City Administrator and Financial Director Matt Cederburg. “The Village helped make this town. Minden is on the map because of Pioneer Village. It’s a fabulous asset, the collection is second to none,” said Cederburg.

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