Pioneer Village Is Getting A Re-Launch

Following the loss of Skip Warp, son of Harold Warp, the survivors of the Warp family have restructured the Harold Warp Pioneer Village Foundation and appointed new local members to the board. With Larry Wilcox taking over as Board President and Al Lux joining Jim Runions on the board, the local community now has the strongest voice ever in the new direction of the Village.

To protect and develop this important asset to Kearney County and the City of Minden the new board called together a variety of community members recently to attend a professionally directed Strategic Development meeting. The meeting, held at the Opera House, involved two full days of brainstorming, improvising, creative innovation, and problem solving. The result was a brand new comprehensive strategic launchpad for renewing, reinvigorating, and relaunching this truly priceless community possession.

see August 4 Courier for full story