Public Hearing Held For 30 Road Vacation

Weed Superintendent and Zoning Administrator Joe Anderson presented reports to the Kearney County Board of Supervisors during the January 18 regular meeting. Anderson provided the October and November 2021 zoning permits as well as the Nebraska Department of Ag annual reports. The reports were approved including a resolution authorizing the Weed Superintendent to act as the Weed Control Authority for Kearney County.

A public hearing was opened for the vacation of 30 Road between S Road and T Road. Highway Superintendent Randy Smith informed the board a request was made by the adjacent land owner to vacate the road. The County has not done any work on the road for years. It is currently a grass trail with no utilities the County would need to access.

Vacating this portion of 30 Road would not land lock any property and no residents have come forward to protest the vacation. Smith told the board he has no objections to vacating the mile of road. The public hearing was closed and the board directed Smith to proceed with the vacation process. A resolution for the vacation of 30 Road will be presented to the board for consideration at a future meeting.

see January 26 Courier for full story