“Kicks For Kids” Help Afghanistan Children

Captain Jeffrey Smith, son of Linda and Allen Hird of MInden and Terry and Mae Smith of Kearney, is a surgeon’s assistant, RN an OR nurse. He lives in San Carlos, Calif., with his wife Patty and sons, Nicolas and Nathan.
He was born and raised in Kearney. As a child his dream was to join the Army someday. While in elementary school, Smith became Kearney’s National Guard mascot. He went to drills with his dad and did his share of KP duty. By the age of about 12, he could take apart and put back together an M-16 himself and qualified with a better score than some of the guardsman.
Tragically his dream was dashed when he fractured his back in junior high and required surgery. He was then told that he would never be able to be in the military. Jeffrey refused to give up his dream.
Smith graduated from Kearney High in 1986 and began furthering his education and attended college in Kearney and later moved to California where he continued school. He worked, got married, started a family and kept moving forward in his chosen career in the medical field.

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