Randal Wolfe Gift Will Leave A Lasting Mark On Kearney County

To all who knew him, Randal Wolfe was a hardworking and generous person who took pleasure in helping those around him. Wolfe passed away in February 2019 at the age of 76, but his service to others carries on.

“In March 2019 following his death, I received an unexpected letter from a law office in Kearney in regards to a representative of the estate of Randal Wolfe. Upon reading this letter, I learned just how much of an impact one person in a small community the size of Minden could have with a planned estate gift,” Kearney County Health Services CEO Luke Poore said. “I did not know Mr. Wolfe personally, but since, I have come to learn from others close to him that Randal had always been very generous to both giving back and serving in our community in many different ways and what I was about to learn only validated how much generosity can spread in a rural community such as Minden.”

A lifelong Minden resident, Wolfe was known for helping friends, neighbors, and even strangers through actions and more. He enjoyed helping with the Minden American Legion Baseball concession stand and even contributed funds to build the current concession stand at the legion field. His efforts to assist others and better the community continue.
see December 18 Courier for full story