Reading Buddies Help Practice Reading Skills At Hildreth Public Library

The Summer Reading Buddy program was reestablished at Hildreth Public Library this year. More than 20 young readers were paired with adult volunteers to read together for the next eight weeks in conjunction with the regular summer reading program.
The Reading Buddy program was part of the Hildreth Public Library summer schedule in the past. High school volunteers would be matched with kids entering kindergarten through third grade to meet once per week at the library. They would use the library visits to read together whether it meant the younger child read to their older partner or vice versa. Partners typically spend 15 to 20 minutes reading during each session.
As camps, sports, and other activities became more prominent in the older kids’ summer schedules, it became more difficult to secure enough high school students to ensure the program’s success. The program was eventually abandoned until Library Director Vicki Casper resumed the project this summer pairing adults with the young readers.

see June 7 Courier for full story

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