Residents Speak Out Against Gilman Avenue Parking Restrictions

Several Gilman Avenue residents attended the June 7 regular meeting of the Minden City Council to share their displeasure with an ordinance designating no parking on the east side of Gilman Avenue during school hours on school days.

Gilman Avenue has seen several traffic ordinance changes over the years naming it a one way street and then returning two way traffic, naming no parking on the west side and then removing that restriction and placing no parking on the east side of the street in Ordinance 1252. The latest ordinance was approved in April with the three readings suspended.

Citizen concern regarding the ordinance was brought to the council’s attention in May with an agenda request item. The matter was brought back to the council on June 7 beginning with discussion per request by Danny Brown. He told the council the parking issue is student driven and it isn’t fair or considerate to the residents to restrict parking in front of their homes. Many of the residents on Gilman Avenue are older and retired he explained. Not allowing parking on the east side of Gilman Avenue is inconvenient for deliveries and services for the residents. Parking restrictions in front of their homes also lowers resale value.

see June 16 Courier for full story