Rupe Awarded National SAE Grant To Expand Project

Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) projects are an integral part of agricultural education that allows students a hands-on experience in the agriculture industry. There are four types of SAE programs including exploratory, entrepreneurship, placement, and research and experimentation. While fitting into one of the categories, each SAE project is unique to the student based on their interests and what is available to them. Wilcox-Hildreth sophomore Kayla Rupe is raising livestock for her entrepreneurship SAE project.

“My SAE project is raising cattle and market goats. I’ve been around cattle my whole life so that was kind of an obvious thing for me to do, but goats kind of came new to me,” Rupe said.

This is Rupe’s second year in FFA and she currently serves as Historian for the Wilcox-Hildreth chapter. She started her SAE project during her freshman year and intends to carry on with it through all four years of high school.

see March 23 Courier for full story