Russ Meyer Finds Hobby, Works With Stain Glass

When Minden resident Russ Meyer retired from farming, he learned about stained glass work and took up the art for himself.

His interest began about ten years ago during a conversation with Don Hansen, who hosted classes on the craft. Hansen invited him to a class, which Meyer attended.

However, Meyer preferred learning and working on it alone.

“I went to one class,” Meyer said. “He said I had to buy a glass cutter and I had to buy this and that, so I bought all that stuff and never went back to class. I just practiced and did it on my own.”

Although he has not been as active with the hobby in recent years, Meyer has put together a small village of stained glass houses, churches, storefronts, and “just whatever I feel like trying to make.”


The full article can be found exclusively in the Minden Courier!

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