Sara Bockstadter Opens Law Office in Minden

The law office of Sara Bockstadter is the new option for Nebraska residents around Minden seeking legal advice. Bockstadter lives with her husband (a Nebraska State Patrolman) and their son in Kearney now but she grew up in Beaver City.
Bockstadter left home to attend Pensacola Christian College in Florida, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in graphic design. She continued her education at Creighton University School of Law, graduating and passing the bar exam in 2009.
She said she saw a need for attorneys in southern counties, especially for younger ones as many of the attorneys in the area are approaching retirement age. With her husband’s job requiring them to stay around Kearney, Minden was a logical choice to set up her private practice. She plans to make it a long term settlement.
For now, Bockstadter runs her practice alone, but she hopes to add a legal assisstant in six months to a year, and perhaps another attorney down the line, but her sights are currently set on providing service to the people of Minden. She had been with a law firm in Kearney, but her son was born in January, and opening her own practice allowed for more flexible hours as young ones often require.

For more information, read The Minden Courier

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