School Board Approves 2020-21 Amended Budget

An amended 2020-21 budget hearing was opened prior to the July 12 regular meeting of the Minden Public Schools Board of Education. Superintendent Jim Widdifield explained the reasons behind the proposed amendments.

The amended budget reflects bond refinancing and disbursements of Special Building funds for the C.L. Jones Middle School HVAC project. The changes are only an adjustment on paper to reflect the disbursement of funds and have no affect on the tax asking. With no further comments the hearing was closed.

The regular meeting was called to order and the board approved the excused absence of Justin Glanzer. The consent agenda was also approved including minutes from the June 14 meeting, allocating depreciation funds to the C.L. Jones Middle School HVAC project, financial reports, and expenditures and claims for payment.

see July 21 Courier for full story