School Board Discusses Bills, Change Orders

The Minden Public Schools Board of Education met May 9 at a later time to allow board members to attend the C.L. Jones Concert and Art Show. Bills to the general fund were under discussion at the meeting.
Communications Engineering, Inc. installed new security camera hardware at East Elementary to replace units that no longer worked for a cost of $2,121. Roof repairs at the middle school in the amount of $7,518 were also included in the bills. The repairs were scheduled to take place in the fall, but the weather got too cold for the work to be done until recently.
Repairs to the sewer line at East Elementary offered a pleasant surprise for the board. All American Sewer and Drain LLC was able to inspect, jet, and repair the line for under budget. The total bill was under $3,500. In addition, the problem was resolved in a timely manner. After the discussion, bills to the general fund were approved.

for full story see May 18 Courier

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