Senator Tom Carlson Speaks To Rotary Club

Senator Tom Carlson was the special guest on August 2 at the Minden Rotary Club Meeting inside the Minden Opera House.
He began his speech by introducing himself as the new senate representative for Kearney County. The state senate discusses redistricting every ten years, as they did in their last session which met between January and May in Lincoln. During this session, they also passed the budget for the next two years.
Carlson earned his bachelors and masters at Northern Colorado in 1963 and ‘64 respectively. He went on to get his Ph.D from the University of Iowa in 1967.
Carlson worked as a college professor, as well as a baseball and football coach before going into his career as a financial advisor. He was elected to Nebraska Legislature in 2006 and again in 2010.
Carlson was glad to report Nebraska did not lose a congressman, as was thought possible by some in the senate. The state has three congressmen, but if population continues to fall, they are in danger of losing one during the next cycle.

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