Senior Center Raising Money For Automatic Front Doors

The Minden Community Center is currently accepting donations regarding needed repairs to the entry way door and air conditioning unit within the community center. Many requests have been made by individuals asking for automatic doors leading into the building.
An estimate was conducted last week to determine the cost of a new automated door. Upon further inspection, the locks and hinges on the existing door were deemed obsolete. The cost to acquire a replacement door, hinges, and locks will be $8,200.00. Community Action Partnership of Minden has arranged a matching grant of $2,500.00 for the purchase and installation of the new access door. A matching amount of $2,500.00 is required to be raised in order to obtain the grant for the door. An additional $3,200.00 is necessary to pay the remaining balance that the grant will not cover.
In addition to the automated door, one of the air conditioning units in the community center is no longer usable. Immediate replacement is necessary considering the impending heat of the summer. A new unit will cost $2,800.00 to purchase and install.  
In total, $8,500.00 is being sought for the replacement parts and labor of the door and air conditioning unit. If you would like to help out Minden Community Center by making a donation, please deliver donations to First Bank and Trust Company of Minden.

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