Sinsel Attempts To Take Seat At School Board Meeting

The Minden High School media center was the site of conflict once again when former Minden School Board member Katie Sinsel arrived before the May 10 board meeting began with no mask and sat in her former seat at the board’s table. Sinsel was asked repeatedly to put on a mask or leave the building.

After several requests for Sinsel to put on a mask or leave the building, Superintendent Jim Widdifield informed Sinsel she was trespassing. She still refused to comply and Widdifield called the Minden Police Department to request an officer be dispatched to the school to assist in the situation.

Sinsel insisted she was a school board member and would not vacate her seat without hearing from the board president that it is the board’s decision she should leave. Rusty Rhynalds informed Sinsel that a resolution to remove her from the school board was approved during a special meeting on April 26 and went into effect immediately. Sinsel was asked again to vacate the seat at the board’s table and to either put on a mask or leave the building.

see May 19 Courier for full story