Sinsel Removed From MPS Board Of Education

A special meeting of the Minden Public Schools Board of Education held April 26 drew a large crowd with an agenda item to consider a resolution regarding removal of board member Katie Sinsel. Public comments were taken prior to the board taken action.

Comments from a dozen members of the public varied between dissatisfaction with the mask mandate and possible removal of Sinsel from the board and support of the district maintaining its mask policy for the remainder of the school year and holding its board members to the same standard as students, staff, and visitors in regards to wearing a face mask.

John Kuehn used the public comment forum to ask the board to consider the vote and will of the people when making their decision. He said it is disrespectful to the voters to remove a board member who has been in office less than six months. He continued by stating when things seem to be moving quickly there is likely more to the story. Kuehn announced he is filing a formal Freedom of Information Act request for all communications between MPS administrators, board members, and other city officials to gather more information about the situation.

see May 5 Courier for full story