Supervisors Accept Pittner As Veterans Service Officer

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors June 6 meeting was led by Vice Chairman Larry Landstrom in the absence of Richard Schwenka. The agenda was full of appointments beginning with Jared Fullerton from Animal Control.
Fullerton addressed the board about a proposed increase to the USDA budget request for fiscal year 17/18. He reviewed the expenses and hours spent in Kearney County for this year and requested a budget of $8,032 with the increase attributed to a rise in office costs. The board accepted the budget request for $8,032.
A decision regarding a culvert contract with Ace Eaton Metals/Ace Irrigation was next up. Tom Bokenkamp from Ace provided a brief overview of how the contract has worked in the past. He said it has worked fairly smoothly in Kearney County with the Roads Department often picking up their own pipe. Highway Superintendent Randy Smith agreed that the contract has worked well for the County. The proximity of Ace alleviates the need to maintain a large inventory because they can order what they need and have it quickly. The contract was approved by the board and signed by Landstrom.

see June 14 Courier for full story

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