Supervisors Approve Amended Budget

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors continued discussion relating to no sale tax foreclosures during the May 7 regular meeting. County Attorney Melodie Bellamy informed the board there are three foreclosure properties that haven’t sold at Sheriff’s Sale at this time with more properties going to sale soon.
Currently the minimum bid at Sheriff’s Sale for foreclosure property is the amount of back taxes owed. This amount is sometimes higher than the property value leading to no bids. Bellamy asked the supervisors if they would like to adopt a policy to lower or eliminate a starting bid for foreclosure property sales moving forward. The supervisors decided they would prefer to deal with each unsold property on a case by case basis.
Discussing the three unsold properties, the supervisors instructed Bellamy to take them to local realtors to sell them. They stated it was more important to get the properties back on the tax roll than to try and collect back taxes that exceed the property value.

for full story see May 15 Courier

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