Supervisors Approve Dornhoff Acres Final Plat

A public hearing was held for the final plat of the Dornhoff Acres subdivision during the October 5 regular meeting of the Kearney County Board of Supervisors. Zoning Administrator Joe Anderson informed the board he had met with the surveyor and worked to remedy discrepancies between state statute and county code for the lot sizes and locations.

Supervisor Bob Swanson voiced dissatisfaction with the idea that the lots will be accessed by individual driveways directly off the county road rather than utilizing an access road. Although the area offers a clear line of sight and lot sizes are big enough that driveways will be reasonably spaced out, Swanson is concerned it will set a precedent in the county.

The driveway concern is one that was discussed at length during several public hearings held for the subdivision. Realtor Dawn Thompson explained that while there is no access road platted, the driveways aren’t included either. This was done so that individuals who purchase two adjacent lots may choose to only have one driveway which would result in less driveways directly on the county road. Driveway specifics will be determined when individuals apply for a building permit for the lots.

see October 13 Courier for full story