Supervisors Approve Special Use Permit For Blessing

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors met April 5. The meeting began with County Assessor Jennifer Pittner asking the board if a policy should be created outlining the procedure necessary for parcel splits and combinations.

The possible need for such a policy was brought to light recently when Pittner spoke with a property owner who had purchased 50 acres and would like to build a home on part of the property. The owner asked for the parcel to be split because their mortgage company will only assess ten acres. They provided a meets and bounds description for the split, but a survey must still be completed.

Pittner asked the board if a policy should be put in place requiring parcels that are split or combined to have a survey completed and filed to ensure the parcel changes are recorded and properly reflected on deed records. After some discussion, it was determined the County’s zoning regulations are due to be updated and this procedure can be added to the code once the proper language is determined.

see April 13 Courier for full story