Supervisors Discuss Lease Agreement

Despite the absence of board supervisors Bob Swanson, Larry Landstrom, and Brent Stewart, the Kearney County Board of Supervisors held their regular meeting on October 22. First on the agenda was discussion of a property lease renewal.

The agreement with First Ag is set to renew in May 2020. Changes to the lease need to be determined before January 1, 2020. The supervisors invited the owners of First Ag and Patriot Equipment Minden Machine to attend and discuss possible updates.

County Attorney Melodie Bellamy explained the lease will need to reflect fair market value, include a penalty for late payment, and provide an out for the County as it does for First Ag. Discussions continued about the length of the agreement with Bellamy suggesting a five year contract with automatic renewal would be better for the supervisors and the business owners stating they preferred a long term lease. They also requested a lease for each business rather than the subleasing situation they are using now. Negotiations about the terms of the lease will continue and a revised agreement presented before the end of the year.
see October 30 Courier for full story