Supervisors Discuss Tax Foreclosure Properties

No sale tax foreclosure properties were on the agenda of the April 2 Kearney County Board of Supervisors meeting. County Attorney Melodie Bellamy described the properties and the actions available to the supervisors.
Two properties foreclosed on by the County for back taxes didn’t sell at the Sheriff’s Sale. The first is a plot in Wilcox near CPI large enough to build on. Annual taxes for the property are approximately $45. The second property is more problematic as it is a strip of land in Minden that is a railroad right of way and only accessible by a dead end road.
Bellamy told the supervisors they could solicit a sale of the properties or do nothing and let the property hang for ten years before the process can begin again. Bob Swanson will speak with CPI and some builders to try and solicit a sale of the Wilcox property. Wayne Anderson will talk to the City of Minden about the possibility of a future park on the Minden property while Ross Bruning speaks with adjacent land owners about interest in the plot.

see April 10 Courier for full story

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