Supervisors Form ARPA Funds Committee

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors met on May 18 with only a few items of business on the agenda. Emergency Manager Craig Lupkes was up first with a South Central (PET) Region Memorandum of Understanding.

The purpose of the document is to formally recognize Lupkes as the Kearney County Emergency Manager. Lupkes still has six pre-certification courses to complete before he can begin his certification, but he still holds the Emergency Manager position while he continues his training. The Memorandum of Understanding was approved by the board.

Highway Superintendent Randy Smith asked for guidance in a road matter. He was approached by Franklin County about a road project they are planning near Hildreth. As part of the project they would like to go 1,000 feet into Kearney County around a curve in the road. The estimated cost for the Kearney County portion of the project is $67,000. Franklin County is preparing to bid out the project later this year with the work to begin in 2022. 

see May 26 Courier for full story