Supervisors Hear From Veterans Committee, Sign 40 Road Contracts

The Kearney County Supervisors met on Nov. 20 and cruised through its agenda in less than two hours.
Kearney County Attorney Melodie Bellamy wanted to inform the supervisors that the proposed juice bar might be moving outside of the city of Minden possibly into the jurisdiction of Kearney County. Bellamy wanted some direction from the board on what they wanted to do with the possibility of the all-nude juice bar coming into the county.
Bellamy told the board there were no zoning regulations for adult entertainment on the books currently for the county. Bellamy told the board that Dawson and Buffalo counties recently had establishments come into their counties and their boards did not act.
According to protocol, the zoning regulations would have to go to planning and zoning board and then, they make a recommendation to the supervisors before restrictions would be in place. The advice from the board was to pass this along to the planning and zoning and see what their recommendations  would be. The board would then make their decision from their recommendations and decide how to proceed on the proposed establishment.

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