Supervisors Hold One & Six Year Hearing

A public hearing for the 1800 and 1900 blocks of 24 Road was held during the Kearney County Board of Supervisors February 19 meeting. Several members of the public attending the meeting to express their feelings on how to move forward.
Several roads in the county were temporarily closed to public transportation in the past but the process was never completed. The supervisors are taking steps to evaluate these roads and determine whether they should be vacated, closed by resolution, or developed to local road standards. These two blocks of 24 Road are the first of many roads to be evaluated.
Ross DeBower from NPPD expressed concern for easement rights for the transmission line if the road is vacated. Highway Superintendent Randy Smith explained the plan is to develop the south 1,000 feet to local road standards and designate the remainder of the first mile to minimum maintenance. The north mile will be officially closed but not vacated.

see February 27 Courier for full story

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