Supervisors Hold One & Six Year Road Hearing

During the March 8 regular meeting of the Kearney County Supervisors, the board took care of regular business before opening the 2022 One & Six Year Road hearing.

Luke Poore and Gavin Blum presented an update from Kearney County Health Services. A financial comparison between 2022 and 2021 showed positive change at KCHS with a total revenue increase of 30 percent. County contributions that were previously used for the bottom line to keep the facility afloat are now utilized for capital improvements that will allow for future growth. Poore gave an overview of potential projects to best utilize space at the facility in the future. Although the estimated cost of the projects are $25 million, KCHS has no intention of issuing bonds to see them done. 

Reuse loans issued by the County prior to 2013 have been forgiven. Rather than return the remaining funds to the state, Minden City Administrator Matt Cederburg has submitted a claim for administration fees that will keep the funds local. The board approved including the administration fees invoice for $9,268.49 be included in the bills and claims for the meeting.

see March 16 Courier for full story