Supervisors Look At Hazard Mitigation Plan

Disaster strikes, what do you do? A Hazard Mitigation Plan could provide the means to help in a possible emergency.
The Kearney County Board of Supervisors met Tuesday and approved for the county to participate in the plan. The county will apply for grants to purchases generators, storm sirens, or other emergency equipment that the public would have access to. The five-year plan is 75 percent federal payment and 25 percent local cost. As of now the county is not paying anything.
The board approved funding for Court Appointed Special Advocate Asssociation. CASA will receive ten thousand dollars for the 2016/2017 fiscal year. The money is used for training volunteers to be with kids who are in neglected or abusing families. The volunteers, after being appointed by a judge, stay with each child until the child’s case is closed and they are put in a secure home.

for full story see May 25 Courier

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