Supervisors Review Tax Sale Report

The September 15 regular meeting of the Kearney County Board of Supervisors started with a County tax sale report from County Treasurer Jody Payne. Payne reported 48 distress warrants were issued for the year. Quite a few were unable to be collected with only 24 being settled.

The board was informed the Sheriff’s Office has the right to seize property in order to pay back taxes in the event an owner won’t pay. To date the Sheriff’s Office hasn’t taken this action. The board stated they will visit with Sheriff Scott White about possible enforcement measures they can take in the future to recover back taxes through distress warrants.

Don Fecht addressed the board on behalf of the Village of Wilcox. In an effort to clean up the town, the Village recently purchased a trailer court that hasn’t been properly maintained. The goal is to eventually remove all of the trailers and sell the lots for housing.

To that end, the Village has demolished and removed two trailers that were uninhabited and in complete disrepair. Both trailers had outstanding taxes to the County and shouldn’t have been demolished until the balance was paid. Fecht asked if the Village is responsible for those back taxes which equal approximately $600 not including taxes for 2020.

see September 23 Courier for full story