Supervisors Strike Delinquent Taxes

County Treasurer Jody Payne and Tammie Runions spoke with the Kearney County Board of Supervisors about delinquent taxes during the October 8 regular meeting. They informed the supervisors of their intention to extinguish unpaid real estate and special assessments taxes that are 15 years or older and asked to strike uncollected personal property and real estate taxes from 1995-2015.

A large number of delinquent taxes were discovered when the Treasurer’s Office transferred to the newest version of MIPS for real estate and personal property tax collection. Many of the accounts are unable to be collected. Payne and Runions asked the board which accounts they should strike and which should be added to the distress warrant list.

The supervisors directed them to make a revised list of the accounts they are sure can’t be collected. The remaining accounts will be added to the distress warrant list in an attempt to collect the delinquent taxes. 
see October 16 Courier for full story