Supervisors Talks End In Approval Of Two Patrol Cars

The purchase of two patrol cars led to a lengthy discussion during the March 6 regular meeting of the Kearney County Board of Supervisors. The board was tasked with deciding where payment for the purchase should come from.
The Sheriff’s Department has traditionally purchased one cruiser each year to rotate into their fleet. That practice was skipped last year because there weren’t enough officers on the force to need the new vehicle. Now that the department is fully staffed, they have purchased two vehicles to accommodate all of their officers.
While discussing budgets, the supervisors were told that Emergency Management gets grant funding that can be used to purchase things like new patrol cars. To help soften the impact of purchasing two cars in one year, they planned to pay for one vehicle from the Emergency Management budget and the second from Inheritance.

see March 14 Courier for full story

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