Supervisors Working On Building Purchase

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors met on Nov. 19 for its final monthly meeting for November.
The county has been kicking around the idea of looking to either renovate portions of the courthouse or maybe looking at purchase of a building off site to relieve some of the overcrowding the new state mandates that have trickled down to the local level in the area of probation.
Kearney County has a probation office on the third floor but with larger case loads on the county level which currently has two officers. The new state requirement will work in this current space.
There is already a problem with available space on court days on the third floor and factoring in are client/attorney privileges, privacy issues and confidentiality regarding juveniles and the probation system something had to be done.
The supervisors received a letter from Probation Officer Tina Luz outlining the revised Nebraska State Statutes. Each county is responsible for providing an office within each probation district. The first instance be paid by the county in which it is located and necessary facilities for probation officers to perform their official duties and bear the costs to maintain such offices other than salaries, etc.

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