Ten New Cases In TRPHD District

Ten new positive cases of COVID-19 were reported in the Two Rivers Public Health Department district over the holiday weekend. Most of the cases were from Buffalo County. Only one new case was reported in Kearney County. TRPHD will be reporting new cases weekly moving forward rather than daily as they have done to this point.

A majority of the state has entered into Phase 3 of reopening. Contact sports have been allowed to resume and several other guidelines have been relaxed, but there is still a limit on the number of spectators allowed to attend. There is no word yet as to when the state will enter Phase 4 which is greatly reduces all existing guidelines.

Kearney County Health Services is still operating two clinics to help reduce the spread of the virus within the facility. Five new cases were tested within the facility last week. The source of four of those cases was linked back to an individual with symptoms at a party. No source has been traced for the other case.

see July 15 Courier for full story