Text Scam Targets Nebraska Bank Customers

Attorney General Jon Bruning shared the details of an aggressive text-message scam targeting Nebraskans.
According to nearly 50 consumer complaints made today, residents from around the state began receiving text-messages claiming to represent their Federal Credit Union on Thursday, October 7. The messages explained the recipient’s credit card had been deactivated by the credit union and directed them to call 1-800-420-6708 to reactivate.
“This scam plays on fear in order to get trusting Nebraskans to disclose their personal information,” Bruning said. “People need to know these text-messages are fraudulent and should be reported.”
Traditionally, scammers use the victims’ personal information to drain bank accounts or make fraudulent purchases.
Anyone that has responded to this scam is urged to contact their bank and credit card providers immediately. Also, the three major credit bureaus should be alerted that personal information may have been stolen.
Personal information should never be given to unsolicited businesses via telephone, text-message or e-mail. Victims should report the message to their cell phone provider and delete it.
In March, a similar phishing scam targeted residents of Broken Bow. The calls were first targeted to cell phones followed by home phones or landlines, eventually affecting an estimated 5,000 people.

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