The Closet, Food Pantry Benefit The Community

The Closet and the Food Pantry have benefited the community of Minden and served regional needs for nearly twenty-five years.


Both facilities are located in one downtown building and are managed by the Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska, but they are two distinctly different operations.


“The Closet is for anybody that needs any clothing, household items, or otherwise at a price they can afford,” head volunteer Cathy Hickman said. “The Food Pantry is for families that have children, mostly, whose parents don’t have enough money to buy food.”


But, while the Food Pantry does have regulations in place as to who qualifies as eligible, it is not limited to just families with children.


“We do have single people getting it too,” Hickman said.


The Food Pantry–which stocks not only food but also laundry items, paper products, and various other special goods–is generally an aid for people who are unable to work or provide for their families.


The full article can be found in the January 23, 2013, edition of the Minden Courier.

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