The Closet, Helping People In Need For 32 Years

The Closet has been serving Minden for 32 years. The redistribution center has grown over time with improvements in organization, function, and accommodations. As the center has evolved, so have the services it provides to the community.
Located at 341 E. 4th Street in Minden, The Closet continues to serve as a redistribution center for gently used clothing and small housewares. It is operated entirely by volunteers and supplied by donation from the public. Manager Rendy France is a driving force behind many of the improvements at The Closet including the efficiency of making stock available to customers.
“Everything we get in, we put out as quickly as we can. Our prices are so reasonable that our turnover is very large and if it doesn’t sell we bump it down or give it to a family we know can use it,” France said. “There was stuff stored in the back that had been there forever, but we have no more storage now. It’s all Food Pantry back there now.”

see December 19 Courier for full story

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