‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’ Presented By MPS Theater Department

The Minden Public Schools Theater Department presentation of ‘The Pink Panther Strikes Again’ will be held April 25-26 in the MPS Performing Arts Center. The play is a comedy suitable for all ages with memorable characters and hilarious hijinks.
As she escapes from a mental institution, Paula Dreyfus intends to rid the world of Inspector Clouseau and his clumsy, crazy ways. The two have a history, but are they best friends or great foes? Dreyfus captures a scientist and uses his latest destructive invention for a plan to destroy the world. The planet is ordered to hand over Clouseau to the angry Dreyfus or else. Various assassins attempt to capture Clouseau as he puzzles his way through this over the top, hilarious case.
Directors Angie Oberg and Whitney Maulsby invite audiences to join the pink panthers and many lovable characters as they guide you through this journey of laughter, love, and ludicrous behavior.

see April 17 Courier for full story

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