Township Dissolution And County Surveyor Will Be On 2020 General Election Ballot

Voting day for the 2020 General Election is November 3, but early voting begins soon. Whether hitting the polls on election day or voting by mail, Kearney County voters will find two local issues on their ballot: dissolving township boards and changing County Surveyor to an appointed position.

Only 23 Nebraska counties still operate under the township form of government including Kearney County. The Kearney County Board of Supervisors considered disbanding the county’s 14 township boards for several years before finally taking steps to put the vote to the public.

“Phelps and Hall Counties in the last two years have moved away from the township form of government. It’s been a trend among the counties. We’ve talked about doing it for years and the supervisors would like to get away from the township form of government,” Kearney County Supervisor, District 7 Wayne Anderson said.

see September 2 Courier for full story