Traffic Study Agreement Approved By City Council

The Minden City Council addressed a number of topics during the October 16 meeting. With Bob Carlson absent, the remaining members discussed cats and took action on a brush truck purchase, a traffic study, and street tree height.
A citizen request item from Sue Ziems was on the agenda for discussion. She began addressing the council by stating she is not a cat hater, but like any pet they need to be taken care of and the city is being overrun by strays. As a dog owner, she said she feels it is unfair to regulate her pets but not cats. Her dogs bark when stray cats roam through the neighborhood which disturbs her neighbors and can result in a noise complaint. When she walks her dogs, they pull to chase after cats in the area. One feral cat attacked her dog resulting in a $450 vet bill. A horde of homeless cats got into her garage and wreaked havoc and she couldn’t receive assistance from the City or the Police Department because there is no ordinance relating to felines in the Minden Municipal Code.
Ziems admitted it would take a lot of man power, money, and time to correct the issue and she didn’t have an answer, but the cat situation is a problem, a danger, and a nuisance and it needs to be addressed. The council acknowledged that her concern was well founded and agreed a solution to the matter should be pursued. Mayor Ted Griess encouraged the council to research possible actions that could be taken to rectify the problem.

see October 25 Courier for full story

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