Triplet Bull Calves Born On Homestead Farms

Jim and Andrew Jensen of Homestead Farms in Minden are no strangers to multiple births among their herd with more than ten sets of twins in a recent twelve day period this year alone. What they never anticipated was the triplets that were born to one of their heifers on February 27.

Homestead Farms is a family operation established in 1878. Currently operated by father and son duo Jim and Andrew, the farm grows corn, soybeans, and alfalfa and has a herd of about 300 in its cow-calf operation. During Jim’s years working the farm, he has seen several sets of twins, the most in one year being 22, but never has he seen a set of triplets until now.

“Dad said he’s calved around 20,000 head and he’s never had a set of triplets. The odds are something like one in 105,000 and I don’t know the chance for all of them to survive because it’s pretty rare,” Andrew said. 

see March 24 Courier for full story