Trustees Approve IT Penetration Testing Proposal

The Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees held their monthly meeting on February 22. The single item of new business was a proposal for External Penetra- tion Testing from HIPAA One. This proposal came forward with continued focus on Cyber Security.

The testing will help identify weaknesses in the KCHS cyber security infrastructure, as well as begin a foundation for an updated Risk Assessment across the network. The results will be presented along with solutions to improve security. The board ap- proved the HIPAA One external penetration testing proposal for $6,400.

Moving to reports, the board learned the Kearney County Medical Fund has set a date for their annual golf tournament fundraiser. The event will be held on Friday, June 9.

Gavin Blum, CFO presented the January financial and statistical reports. Although clinic and outpatient numbers were down for the month, inpatient numbers were up. Blum also gave an overview of the bad debt report including 42 accounts totaling $25,172.34. The board approved the bills and bad debt following the presentation.

New Director of Quality Assurance and Infection Control Danielle Morgan made her first appearance before the board. Morgan is an interior transfer from Acute RN. The board approved the quality assurance report.

Rebecca Cooke, COO shared that Senior Life Solutions had four new admits to the program in February and reached its highest enrollment yet. Cooke also informed the board there was a zero turnover rate for the month of January.

Luke Poore, CEO had several bits of information to share starting with outpatient services updates. KCHS has the opportunity to offer a Wound Care Program, and has continued discussions with Restorix Health and Mary Lanning on how this could look. If they choose to opt in, they would begin offering weekly clinics this summer. At this time no action has been taken in the event a different option arises between now and the summer.

Pioneer Heart Institute (PHI) will be sending Cassandra Lundberg, PA-C along with Dr. Douglas Netz to mirror the two provider model Nebraska Heart Institute offers for outpatient cardiology services at KCHS. Lundberg will join Netz in March before coming on separate days in April. PHI is also interested in cardiac stress tests at KCHS. There are plans to start in April, but pricing is still being reviewed.

Check out March 1 edition of the Courier for full story.