Trustees Discuss Clinic Entrance Slope Correction Options

During the punch list walkthrough of the clinic entrance renovation, ADA slopes were found to be out of compliance and several items were unresolved. Robert Junk from Junk Architects and Joe Beckenhauer from Beckenhauer Construction discussed the matter with the Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees during the March 31 regular meeting.

Junk told the board the elevation of the ADA parking stalls and sidewalk leading to the entrance do not match the specifications in the design document and the result is that they are out of compliance with ADA standards. His recommendation is to re-engineer that portion of the project, pull out the concrete, and replace it. He estimates two to three weeks to have the survey and engineering done before Beckenhauer could begin the work.

Beckenhauer was unable to provide a completion date without knowing the extent of the work needed which will be determined by the engineering team but he hopes it can be finished in 30 days. Luke Poore, CEO asked Beckenhauer to provide a different project manager to oversee the correction and the remainder of the unresolved items on the punch list. A motion to move forward with a survey proposal from JEO and resolve the ADA compliance issue was approved.

see April 7 Courier for full story