Twin Diamond Philosophy Goes Beyond The Machine

With a goal of enabling the world’s farmers to grow more food on fewer acres of land, Gene and Dean Carstens, owners of Twin Diamond Industries of Minden, are developing agricultural equipment to serve a the needs of a global market.
The Twin Diamond philosophy revolves around no till/strip till farming practices, where the primary objective is to stop and reverse the degradation of organic matter, allowing farmers to grow crops with less fertilizer and less water.
“What we’re doing is promoting conservational tillage, which is a problem world wide and there are so many negative issues with soil erosion, nutrient management and global warming, that what we’re doing, along with other companies, not just ourselves, is to try and counteract what we’ve done wrong,” said Gene.
Twin Diamond currently manufactures two different units, the Strip Cat and the Strip Maker. Both designs clean off a path, but the Strip Cat basically has a knife that goes underneath it that actually injects the fertilizer eight to nine inches deep. The Strip Maker is for the true no till farmer who doesn’t want to run a knife into the ground, it clears off a clean path that the farmer can come in and plant.
The strip till/no till practice is beginning to gain popularity in Europe where agricultural land is limited and over-farmed, and Twin Diamond, through use of the internet and YouTube video, has began exporting the Strip Maker to France.
“Our exporting is just in the infancy stage right now,” said Dean Carsten. “ In France, the original order was an eleven row twenty-two inch spacing and a four row with thirty inch spacing.   I went to over there to show them about strip till and they are just now beginning to place orders.  We have a tentative order for sixty row units.”

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