UV-C Light Disinfect Unit Purchase Approved

The Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees had one piece of new business on the November 25 regular meeting agenda. Kendra Brown, CNO explained the proposal for a UV-C Light Disinfect unit.

KCHS staff were trained to use the unit the previous week. It uses three powers of UV light to kill bacteria. The unit will be used as another level of disinfection in rooms.

Brown explained she has been looking forward to this unit for use in the OR for quite some time. The total cost of the machine and service agreement that includes replacement bulbs and tablet upgrades is $131,494. KCHS has been awarded a grant by DHHS for the purchase in the amount of $83,000 and the remaining cost will come from the CARES Act as a COVID-19 cost. The purchase was approved by the board.

for full story see December 9 Courier