Van Fossen, Danburg and Anderbery Seeking Axtell School District Seats

Incumbents Ted Van Fossen and Bryan Danburg are seeking to extend their terms for two more years as members of the Axtell School District Board of Education.
Also appearing on the ticket is DeAnna C. Anderbery.
The Minden Courier prepared a set of questions for response by the candidates. Each candidate on the ticket received the same questions; however, not all the questions were answered by the candidates.
DeAnna Anderbery did not respond to the Courier questionnaire.
With one year experience on the board, Bryan Danburg, age 40, is seeking a second term.  Danburg responded as follows:
Why is it important for you to be in public office?  Serving in public office is a privilege and freedom we have as citizens of this country.  Serving in public office gives me an opportunity to serve my community by upholding the high standards of quality education that the Axtell District is known for.

For complete story see The Courier

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