Veteran’s Service Committee Mulls Merger With Phelps County

The Kearney County Board of Supervisors received a proposed budget from Jim Swanson of the Veteran Service Committee at their meeting on Tuesday, August 7.
“A year ago we held our budget line,” Swanson said, “and I promised that this year we’d be asking for more money.” The VSC budget in 2011 was $29,055 and they requested $30,600 for the coming fiscal year.
Swanson explained that increased costs are due to several factors, including theft. At Axtell cemetery, bronze markers stand next to the graves of veterans. “Somebody seems to really enjoy those,” Swanson said.
Additionally, recent wind storms have broken many of the flag sticks themselves, which need to be replaced and the veteran service committee officer’s salary was approved for a small raise.

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