Volunteer Efforts Foundation Of “Light Of The World” Pageant

Contributing time and talent for a cause that promotes common good is an attribute found in all volunteers.  One does not need to look far to find such individuals living in Minden, Nebraska, and the surrounding countryside.  As it has for the past sixty-three years, such altruism abounds in the Minden community.
On November 27 and again on December 5 and December 12, over 100 area volunteers will give of their talents and time to present once again The Light of the World Christmas Pageant.
This pageant, depicting the biblical events leading up to the birth of the Christ Child, originated  through the volunteer efforts of two former Minden residents:  Mr. Clayton J. Morey and Reverend Arthur Johnson.  Inspired by the spectacular Minden Christmas lights, a Christmas tradition that had started thirty-one years prior, Morey and Johnson wrote, produced and directed the first pageant.  Today, as in the past, this tradition continues through the dedicated efforts of many volunteers.  
Minden has long laid claim to the title of The Christmas City.  Over the years, through the unselfish actions of thousands of volunteers, the community of Minden has and continues to deserve this prestigious title.
This year’s volunteers include the following:
Cast recruitment: Pat Miller.  Costumes: Linda Soundy, Sally Phillips, Linda Morey. Lighting: Don Phillips, Mark Morey.  Spot Lights: Tim Beck, Delvin Schmidt.  Sound:Tim Burke, Jim Lahowetz.  Set Crew: Dick Phillips, Sally Phillips, Roger Hansen, Malcolm Dornhoff,Travis Berry, Mark Petersen.  Cast of Characters- Prophets: Ron Brewer, Jim Grosshardt, Rob Armstrong.  Adult Angels: Cindy Spors, Janelle Shelton, Ruth Nielsen, Mary Nuss,Tammy Ellis, Jennifer Pittner. Mary: Tammy Stadler, Jeanne Jons. Joseph:Bill Johnson, Travis Berry, Ron Keen.   Shepherds: Tom Lieske, Glen Haselbarth, Arlen Osterbuhr, Richard Jacobsen, Lonnie Granger, Jeff Ryan, Bart Woodward, Ben Lahowetz, Tom Barnes.  Wiseman: Steve Soundy, Dick Schwenka, Ted Griess, Jon Dorn, Steve Favinger, Dick Phillips, Gene Trausch, Andy Tomsen.  Innkeepers: Matt Morey, Dan Schepers, Jeffrey Horner.  Simeon:    Roger Hansen, Doug Kristensen, Mike Liakos.  Herod: Doug Kring, Jim Edgecombe.  Stable Keeper:    Paige Kristensen, Emma Jons.  Roman Soldiers: Jay Richards, AJ Horner, Christian Schwenka, Austin Johnson, Ryan Chramosta, Terry Delgado, Matthew Stankey, Zack Rehtus, Alex Nielsen,  Carson Blum, Bryson Holsten.  Angel Choir: Morgan Kristensen, Emily Strobel, Meghan    Antillon, Kersten Mosley, Danielle Smith, Mackenzie Nelson, Chelsey Miller, Elizabeth Grams, Lauren Taylor, Kelsey Emal, Anisha Kuehn, Shae Taylor, Stephanie Lonn, Sydney     Phillips, Jessica Dolan, Hallie Bauer, Carly Sitorius, Kaylee Dunn, Amanda Papez, Mikayla Holliday, Jennifer Sorensen, Breann Zimma.
The Minden Chamber of Commerce has sponsored the pageant for many years.  This year, the Kearney County Foundation assumes that responsibility.  
Kudos to all volunteers, past, present and future.  If, in the future, you would like to be a part of this great tradition, please make your wishes known to the pageant committee. Pageant Committee:  Dick Phillips-Linda Soundy- Don Phillips-Ted Griess

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