Weather Pushes Hospital Expansion Behind Schedule

The Kearney County Health Services Board of Trustees was informed the expansion project has fallen slightly behind at their monthly board meeting on Wednesday, January 25.
During the report, the board was told that, due to the lower temperatures recently, the project was about one week behind schedule, but they had been able to get ahead on other aspects of the construction.
The floors had been prepped and were expected to be poured the following week. There was still some thawing that needed to be done, along with testing before pouring could commence. Also the following week, the iron workers were expected to complete their detailing, allowing the roofers to begin.
The brick had been ordered and was expected to be laid three weeks later. The west end of the project was scheduled to be fully enclosed by the end of the week. Builders were expecting to blow a hole through the west side to incorporate a changing area for cardiac rehab in the month to follow.
The expanded parking area was to be completed as soon as the ground had properly thawed. Workers were still hoping for a few more weeks of “fall” weather to allow for completion of ground work.

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