Whippet Champion Wall Updated And Relocated

The Whippet Champion Wall has been upgraded and relocated to its new home in the Minden High School commons area on the south wall. The project is one of several Activity Director Ed Rowse is leading to relocate high school student and alumni recognition into the high school.

“One of my high school aides and I wrote down all of the championships and put them on a document on the computer to take to Mr. Widdifield. We had three different projects going on at the time and didn’t know which one to go with first. He and the school board really wanted to see those pictures on the championship wall moved over here,” Rowse explained. 

Choosing the perfect location slowed the project down in the beginning. There were discussions, a walk through of the building, and a lot of time spent thinking of the best place for the large feature.

see January 27 Courier for full story